Who is T-PLUS?

T-PLUS is StraumannGroup Certified Partner
T-PLUS is a leading implant-based manufacturer established by Korean dentist & Taiwanese dentists in Taiwan. As technology transfers from South Korea.
T-PLUS has a stable and well quality product system such as Ti-Star (designed by Dr. Ou, tissue level implant), A Plus (Bone level), ST(Bone level) for selling more than 10 years. Since 2018 the world leader dental implant brand Straumann Group made the decision to invest in T-PLUS as the significant shareholder in 2019.

Life Restarts.

Advantages & Technology

As a new implant brand at the time, T-Plus placed a premium on “Quality”.
The majority of titanium burr is reduced using the CNC process and a special skill.

Been a StraumannGroup Certified Partner since 2019. The Straumann headquarters commenced to manage the titanium roll purchasing sources. If you follow the leader’s lead, you will be able to maintain not only a stable but also a great level of quality you expected.

Our quality policy for production technicians is a 100% Q.C inspection.

Foreseeing Your Smile With T-PLUS

Even though T-PLUS is still young, T-PLUS founders aspired to build a manufacturing fortress in order to satisfy and improve patients’ lives. Because of Covid-19, the world is changed, patients will be actively engaged. T-PLUS will keep focusing on our professional: implant manufacturing and support for dental solutions ranging from a single missing tooth to a complex missing case. We work hard every day to provide a reliable product to patients, dentists, and ourselves. Let’s foresee your smile with T-PLUS in the near future.

Life Plus With T-PLUS.



Dec. 8th. 2008

T-PLUS Implant Tech. Co., Ltd. Established.

May. 9th. 2009

T-PLUS Implant Tech. Co., Ltd. Opening.

Jun. 1st. 2010

T-PLUS GMP Cert. approved by TFDA.

Oct. 26th. 2010

“Ti-Star Implant System” TFDA Examination and Registration Approved.


  • “Ti-Star & A Plus Implant System” Launched And Sold in Taiwan.
  • “A Plus Implant System” TFDA Examination and Registration Approved.
  • “Ti-Star & A Plus Implant System” ISO 13485 DNV Approved.
  • “Ti-Star & A Plus Implant System” CE Approved.


Product got approved by CFDA & FDA


  • A Plus, Ti-Star Implant Launched And Sold in China.
  • “ST Implant System” TFDA Examination and Registration Approved.
  • Swiss Instradent Invest T-PLUS 48%


T-PLUS GMP Cert. renew approved by TFDA


Swiss Instradent Invest T-PLUS reach to 60%


T-PLUS Join Straumann Group as 「StraumannGroup Certified Partner」


Optimization & Digital Transformation Process Kick off

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