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You cannot deny this simple fact: you can not ignore how you can be benefited from social media being a dentist/implantologist, no matter if you’re trying to gain an online reputation or attract more potential patients to visit your own practice for treatments. Today we are going to unmask 11 useful ways to increase your social media engagement with dental marketing techniques and the indexes you’d monitor on different platforms.

You’ll be able to learn the following points with this helpful content:

What is social media engagement?

When it comes to marketing on social media, engagement is the key combination of the metrics that the users in the community or on the platform take activities to react on behalf of the content or the opinion you post.

Engagement is the crucial aspect to observe to tell how you establish your brand voice and cultivate meaningful relationships.

On most social media platforms, ‘engagement‘ is the measurement of likes, comments and shares (or ‘repost’ so-called). If you really want to succeed on social media as a dentist/implantologist, you should always strive for ‘quality‘ instead of ‘quantity‘.

Mind the following metrics when you want to analyse how you are doing on the platform:

  • Like
  • Comment
  • Share/retweet
  • Follower
  • Mention (tagged and untagged)
  • Hashtags of your name or brand (ie. your practice)

Basically, these numbers are rippling all the time (and yes, just like we people). Therefore, monitoring these numbers can extract the silhouette of the way how the audience thinks of you.

Why is social media engagement important to a dentist or implantologist?

If you are a data-driven dentist, monitoring the metrics from social media engagements means something to you. The metrics are reflecting how people respond to your content and opinions. They can help you to refine the social media marketing strategy to meet the target audience’s expectations.

Analysing and refining are the two keys you take your social media marketing to the next level.

11 ways to improve social media engagement for yourself or your practice/hospital

When you engage with your followers on social media you can convert turn them into your potential patients. While social media algorithms can cause a lack of organic engagements, they can also point to an issue with your social marketing strategy. Follow us to learn the tricks to unlock social media engagement’s full strength.

#1. Have an improvement strategy for social media engagement

We’re sorry to tell you that there is no one-fits-all solution for social marketing since what your goal is can be various from the others and different phases. This is the main reason you should have/refine a strategy before you keep digging in deeper.

First of all, you need to clarify your goal(s). Great goals are always measurable so you have to come up with specific numbers, such as shares and mentions.

Secondarily you will need to get clear on how to improve those crucial metrics you’ve targeted to meet your improvement goals with what kind of content and voices.

#2. Develop an authentic brand voice

Authenticity has never been so important to a brand or influencer (and yes, this could mean you) than ever. 90% of customers consider authenticity as an important factor when they decide which brand/influencer they like and support according to a survey from SocialMediaToday.

Develop an authentic brand voice

In other words, your character’s personality is the main step you have to complete before other steps in the cycle of improvement. Address a social media marketing voice which can embody your personality or the brand and implement it into every word you use while interacting with your audience.

The personality can be humorous or straightforward, but you have to be honest or transparent. Stick to who you are and make it a human sign just like how you do in your daily life.

#3. Grow your followers

When you consider digital marketing, it is a number game. In other words, the more interactions you desire to gain, the more followers you should have. You’d totally agree with us if you know the marketing tunnel well enough. Just like giving edentulous patients treatments with dental implants, you’d always have to consider the survival rate and the number of treatments you give.

Never buy those fake followers from the internet. It harms in fact and even buries the path to success in social marketing because it actually interferes with analyses.

#4. Post consistently

As a dentist, you may get to learn different skills and patients visiting a lot within a day. No matter how busy you are, it is important to keep posting consistently on your channel to retain the impressions of the audience. You can use native scheduling features on the social platforms, or take it to next level to use powerful integration tools, such as Buffer or Later, to schedule posts in advance when you have the time to do so. By using these convenient tools, the system will take care of all publishing tasks as expected when you’re in the middle of the schedules.

So how often should you post? There are various answers from different platforms but here is the one we’d like to provide from Sprout Social: the sweet spot of your publishing frequency is 1-2 posts per day.

#5. Be valuable and relevant to your audience

As we mention in our last article ‘3 Strategies That Powerfully Amplify a Dentist’s Online Reputation’:

Be valuable all the time.

When you’re being valuable to the audience, you’ll find the engagement can be happening skyrocket high. This is a simple tactic but incredibly useful when you’re planning your content calendar. You may easily match yourself and the brand with your audience’s tastes, interests and expectations.

In other words, it’s a strategy called ‘Content Marketing‘. We have other two posts explain it in detail that you may just need:

#6. Respond as soon as you can

As a dentist, your daily life can be really busy. We are aware of that, but we still need to let you know that quicker responses drive more loyal audiences/customers according to Gartner.

So how quickly is the requirement? As long as the response is made within 24 hours after the inquiry, comment or question is made. Long story short, try to take a reaction as soon as you can but never longer than a day.

Quicker responses drive more loyal audiences/customers.

#7. Proactively encourage the world to comment and share

Don’t hesitate to ask! Your audience and patients can be motivated when you do so (and yes, we also desire your like, comment and share too). They say ‘squeaky wheel gets the oil’ and you should include that concept as a part of your social marketing strategy as what you could possibly do with your family or friends.

Besides asking the audience to do so, you may also try some of the following methods to drive more engagement:

  • Creating active forums on trendy topics
  • Making and monitoring branded hashtags
  • Collaborating with peers or colleagues to produce more YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels
  • Hosting AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions
  • Responding to indirect mentions
  • Doing more feeds with open-ended questions to invite the audience to get involved
Straumann Group is influencingits users with hashtags on Instagramwith more than 182 thousand posts. And what is your hashtag?

#8. Run contests and giveaways

‘Activity’ is a very useful idea if you need the audience to take action with your opinions or posts. Try to host a contest or a giveaway campaign that leads the audience to a landing page on your website or fill up a form with funny answers to amplify your impression.

#9. Think beyond feeds

You don’t need always to be the one post feeds. As a dental active influencer/brand, you may also consider joining the communities your target audience has a high potential to involve in and responding to others’ questions or opinions. This can be extraordinarily handy if you have been busy and your scheduled posts almost run out. But be careful with those handfuls who are extreme if you are not full of confidence with everything.

#10. Cultivate your own community

Probably you’ve already started one before. If not, it’s time to give it a shot. When you’re trying to create one or the existing one is having difficulties with engagements, re-plan it and focus on the content you set for it. We’ll talk deeper about this if you feel like digging it more with us. Leave a comment below and let us it’s worth investing more time in this.

#11. No pay, no gain

This is the bonus trick actually. As we mentioned before, you may find it difficult to create high reaches as before because of the lack of social media algorithms (Facebook in particular). By releasing the right scale of budget, you may reach the audience and introduce yourself to them efficiently with the right format and content of advertising.

If you have valuable content that fits your audience’s needs, you should consider advertising as broadcasting instead of placing payments for ads. Since you have decided to stick around on the selected social platform(s), these budgets can be considered a reasonable investment for long-term success.

Better Than Ever

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Social media engagement measurements

We have come out with the insights you should monitor with the five most popular social networks and another extra platform that we think is very fit for dentists/implantologists to extract knowledge and spread the reputation worldwide.


2.96 billion active users on Facebook.

  • Reach and engagement
  • Actions
  • People
  • Views
  • Posts


2 billion active users on Instagram.

  • Audience demographics
  • Optimal times
  • Popular content


237.8 million active users on Twitter.

  • Engagement rate
  • Reach percentage
  • Link clicks


1 billion active users on TikTok.

  • Audience demographics
  • Profile views
  • Content stats


875 million members (active users are not reported) on LinkedIn.

  • Audience-centric metrics
  • Demographic
  • Engagement-Centric metrics


60 million users on Medium.

  • View count
  • Read count & view to read ration
  • Fans (known as followers of Facebook and Instagram)
  • Claps

Wrapping up

It’s never too late to take a step further to update the strategy and improve details for your social marketing and gain a higher online reputation. With this article, you can find improving social media engagement rates is not that difficult with clear ideas:

  1. Do things with the correct strategy for the audience
  2. Craft content that matches the audience’s expectations
  3. Proactive encouragement is crucial
  4. Keep the optimisation cycle continuously running – monitoring, analysing and refining

You’re welcome to leave your question in the comment area or email us at sales@tplus.com.tw if you wish to dig more. We will reply to you soon with the answer you need.

Before you go, we would like to have you register to become our member so you wouldn’t miss any updates from us. Hope you enjoy this article.

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