Strategies Amplifying Dental Reputation

Without a doubt, reputation almost means everything when it comes to succeeding in dentistry. Whether you are starting a practice or building up a dentist team with others to provide a full-covered service package, you can always be benefited from the reputation. When it comes to an online age, things can get ever more complex.

As a qualified dental implant manufacturer, T-PLUS is always willing to be more helpful and trustable to all implantologists around the world. As long as the information is valuable to dentists, we will find the right way to dig in and present it to you in the right way. You’ll find how valuable this content is once complete the reading.

This article is the 1st content of our new series of articles helping dentists enhance their own online marketing to gain a higher reputation and more engagements from prospects. Make sure you have registered to become our member to unlock all content on our website and not miss a single one that is useful.

With this article, you’ll be able to understand the followings:

Why Online Reputation Matters to a Dentist in Modern Days

You would find lots of footprints of the internet in your daily life. It perfectly fits the others beside you. You can not get off the internet, and neither do others. According to the report published by the well-known CRM platform Hootsuite, the average time we spent using the internet in 2021 was almost 7 hours (6H58M).

Here is a simple math: how much do we get after the time spent sleeping then?

the average time we spent using the internet in 2021 was almost 7 hours

According to the publishment on PubMed, people spend almost one-third of their life either sleeping or attempting to do so. Back to our topic, it stands for high involvement if you can manage and influence the potential audience correctly due to 7 hours is almost 1/3 of the day people are using the internet. In other words, you have got lots of opportunities to involve with people’s half-daily lives if you spread the reputation right! Isn’t it fascinating when you discover this simple fact?

We are not saying physical activities are not worth it, but it is more efficient to engage and having activities online since they require fewer sources in most cases. By this, you may save more time to get physical activities done if your online activities are properly managed.

Definition of online reputation

You must have already realised how important reputation is to a dentist. However, you may not be fully aware of how important it is in the modern age and how fast it can be built/collapsed. Let’s break it down into details, shall we?

An online reputation is the reputation of a company, person, product, service or any element among digital communities that are involved. Online reputation is impacted by what content the objective distributes, the reactions of and interactions with web users, activity on social networks, and undoubtedly your audience.

On the internet, your reputation represents the credibility and visibility of you, your company, or your practice/hospital. In other words, with a good online reputation, you can create a mighty image for anyone.

Value of online reputation nowadays

In fact, it’s not hard to figure out why online reputation is such an important factor to a dentist who wants to succeed. We have them listed in 3 categories which you can catch with efficiency:

  1. Provides competitive strength
  2. Enables the power of growth
  3. Gives more control
  4. Creates more potential conversions (opportunities, income, etc.)

Consider this: Your name is a brand

With the descriptions given above, you should be able to tell the reason you need to manage the reputation of your own and the business. In fact, you should see your own image as a brand if you plan to be a trustworthy dentist to patients, peers, and communities.

Better Than Ever

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Branding can be very complicated if you take it seriously and feel like it to come true. Learning from the peers you worship or hiring someone with branding expertise could make it a lot easier to achieve for you.

You should formulate a plan for cultivating the online reputation from day 1 since the cost of changing could be a real deal in most cases. You will find the path to entering the hall of fame once your silhouette is crafted properly.

Entering The Hall of Fame With These 3 Strategies

Since online reputation means something, we should take it carefully. We have cultivated three gorgeous strategies that we believe can really create significant enhancements if you stick with and practice them just as how you see your career life.

Build an online centre that belongs to you only

Many people think it is surefire to only make activities on social networks and collaborate on other platforms. Actually, it isn’t ideal for your long-term plan to do so at all.

Let’s take a closer look:

Are these platforms yours? Are you in the capability of changing the policies of the platforms you’re using of your free will?

Not a chance. You have to comply with others’ policies if you are still willing to be a part of the communities on these platforms. That is to say, you have no control over these platforms at all. Once you cannot meet the policies or don’t want to follow them, it is a farewell time to the platform.

Need an example of this? Think about how many Facebook pages or groups are prohibited because of malicious reports from anonymous users and you will feel the context right away.

So what is the solution to this unfair situation? The answer is actually now being displayed on your sight now – website.

consider websites as your strategic fort online which you have full control of

You should consider websites as your strategic fort online which you have full control of. All traffic attracted by you or collaborators should be pointed to the website you run as their destination. By doing that, visitors of your website(s) have to comply with the policies you set for the website and follow the user flow you plan for it.

With the right structure and functions, visitors will follow the flow to engage and keep coming back for your next content distribution and see you as planned to create the online reputation you desire.

Besides, you cannot have detailed contact information of your followers on those platforms because all these users only give permission to the platforms and they can’t share this useful marketing information with you on account of the privacy policy. This situation changes if the users are on your online territory which is a website if they wish to engage with you more and hear from you more.

Don’t want to wake up in the morning one day and find one of your hard-working is prohibited because of someone you don’t actually know from daily life? It’s time to invest in an online fort and contribute your opinions and expertise to it and grow with it.

Engage in every way

Be active with the right mediums and channels to engage with the right audience.

Nowadays we desire interactions more than ever. This is why there are uncountable communities in various forms existing on the internet. Actually, we can learn about this from the statistic from GWI (Global Web Index) that more than three-fourths (76%) of internet users are participants in online communities.

As a qualified dentist/implantologist, you should really consider this seriously.

You might have many of them on your list already, but how do you tell if they are fit to build up the desired online reputation? We’ve prepared a list which contains 5 points to answer this question.

  1. Are the people you desire to engage with active on this platform?
  2. Which platform or medium is/are your competitor(s) using?
  3. Will the platform be right for the content you’re creating?
  4. Can you integrate this platform with another similar one you’ve been working on?
  5. Does the platform meet your resource and budget scale?

If all the answers are all positive, congrats, you’ve found the one you should sink more. On the opposite, you should reconsider the necessity to join the community.

Mark, experiment, observe and adjust/change. You’ll find these steps very valuable before sinking more of your resources.

Investing your time and dental expertise in the right channels and mediums is a must-think factor if you want to gain more engagements online as a dentist with a positive online reputation.

Be valuable all the time

Never be a paid advertiser but a valuable contributor. Nobody loves to receive a message from advertisers, do you?

The contributor should be the ONLY role in your position. Place it as one of your core values and goals of the online reputation-gaining plan. With the right strategy and budget, you will be amazed at how popular you become in the channels you join.

Try to be a valuable implantologist to the audience you desire to engage with and the audience will feed back all values you wish to have from them. Think about content marketing strategy. You’ll learn this with the links in the last paragraph of this article.

What about tactics?

As the number of people online grows, our digital presence has become more important than ever and our online reputations precede us. The 3 strategies introduced have crafted the correct silhouette of your online reputation distinctly. What now?

Time to dive. We’ve published several useful contents that might just enlighten you with a better understanding of the dental marketing strategy to boost the online reputation of you and your practice:

Stick with the tactics stated in these articles to gain the results you want with dental marketing. Enjoy them. Don’t hesitate to ask more below in the comment zone or write to us at sales@tplus.com.tw to learn more relevant knowledge for yourself and your clinic.

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