ST implants are now available for sale in the Chinese market!

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ST Implants For Sale In The Chinese Market!

After an 8-year NMPA registration process, T-PLUS’s ST implant system finally opened up its sales path in the Chinese market in January 2023!

As a QST certified partner of Straumann Group, T-PLUS provides Straumann Group standard products that are sourced from Switzerland and deeply cultivated for quality by the Taiwanese team in terms of products and services. The aim is to make good dental health accessible to everyone, starting from Taiwan and expanding to the world.

What is QST certification?

QST certification is backed by Straumann Group’s professional quality and excellent service, selecting and supporting partners in the oral health field. QST certification integrates a full range of advantageous resources to empower the brand.

  1. Swiss quality control

Based on international quality system standards and Swiss precision requirements, QST selects partners and obtains CE certification in medical device production qualifications.

  1. Product research and development

Co-researched and developed with dental experts based on the characteristics of oral structures and close to the needs of patients.

  1. Professional empowerment

A series of professional training courses are provided to users who purchase QST certified products, including product knowledge, clinical knowledge, case sharing, hands-on courses, and various learning topics.

  1. Service support

Different markets can provide one-stop solutions for users who purchase QST certified products according to different business strategies. For example, personalized DSO projects are launched in the Chinese market to empower clinics, while in the Taiwanese market, clinical professional services and diverse physician courses assist dentists in completing their daily work, ensuring that patients who visit the clinic leave with good dental health.

As a QST certified partner of Straumann, T-PLUS’s implant system design includes bone level and tissue level implants that cover a wide range of indications and physician preferences. The quality of the product follows the strict manufacturing and control standards of Straumann. The research and development team in Asia understands the needs of patients and specifically designs products for Asians who generally have thinner gum tissue. The quality and value of the product have made it a preferred choice for many dentists. Straumann’s QST certification selects partners to provide higher quality products and better services, committed to helping more patients have healthy teeth and confident smiles.

This article is reproduced from: Straumann China

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