4 Reasons to Have T-PLUS Dental Implants for The Therapy of Your Edentulous Patients

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Meet T-PLUS Dental Implants

As a dental implant manufacturer for less than 20 years, T-Plus inherited the implant manufacturing technology from MegaGen, a South Korean implant brand developed and innovated at first, and later joined Straumann, which has the highest market share in the world, and became a member of Straumann group. Adhering to the spirit of quality priority, T-Plus gradually emerged.

T-Plus established because a group of local dentists in Taiwan still could not find dental implants to meet their needs, so it was better to form a self-organized R&D and production team to provide more expected products for the local market. During this period, MegaGen, a South Korean brand now famous for innovative R&D, not only introduced technology to help improve products, but also was favored by Straumann in 2019 and joined as a member of the group company.

Different from the market strategy of large manufacturers with dozens or even hundreds of product lines, T-Plus does not always pursue innovative products, but focuses on continuously improving the quality of a single product. So far, we have successfully introduced our products into the global market of nearly 1.5 billion people. Our next goal is to promote this brand born in Taiwan, the place of fine processing technology, to different regions in Asia and Europe.

Better Than Ever

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Reasons to Practice The Treatments With T-PLUS Dental Implants

We believe that every dentist has different considerations when choosing the dental implant he wants to use, but the ultimate goal of each treatment plan should be to find the most suitable solution for patients with missing teeth. Hundreds of Asian dentists have agreed with this understanding and chose to join our big family. Sort out several main reasons why we get them to choose T-Plus, so that you can also see from these ideas whether T-Plus is the product you expect.

1. Mixture of Eastern and Western on technology and design

Corporate culture will definitely affect the products and services developed and manufactured by a company, and T-PLUS is honored to pass the technology directly through the most well-known brands in both East and West, and put the products in place to the international level. Inheriting the MegaGen implant design, and then introducing the Straumann surface treatment technology, we can see the excellent performance and long-term stability of the implant that can be brought out by the perfect combination of the excellent technologies of the East and the West.

T-PLUS Ti-Star Implant System
T-PLUS Ti-Star Implant System

2. Gradual learning curve on stepping-in

For dentists who replace artificial roots or first contact artificial implants, the worst stage is often that they must learn to adapt again, and this dilemma will not happen to T-PLUS users. In order to enable every dentist to get started quickly, we deliberately designed the product into a stable and easy-to-use style that has been verified by most dentists in the market, such as the internal hexagonal connection and Morse taper 11-degree design, and the 1.2 mm collar with excellent performance in bone level and tissue level surgery, which are the elite of famous experts after investigation and verification.

It can be said that as long as you have used T-PLUS product once, you will be surprised that it can be so easy to connect with the new implant system.

3. Reasonable Pricing to Accessing World-Class Quality Dental Implants

When the market becomes high-end with stable and other block in a scuffle, T-PLUS chooses to combine the advantages of the two: the quality of high-grade implants and reasonable price to make its products meet dentists’ requirements, expectations including price is original intention of T-PLUS founder team.

4. Young and energetic in every way

We know that the existence time of an implant company often affects the trust of dentists. Therefore, we have been building our portfolio and providing information required by each dentist to partners who choose their counterparts through official channels. T-PLUS does not have the burden of a brand for decades, so we insist on providing instant customer service and growing up with dentists everywhere, including a variety of life information.

T-PLUS ST Implant System
T-PLUS ST Implant System

We are convinced that the 21st century should be a new style of life in which life and work are balanced and integrated, and this setting is just in line with our age of only more than one decade, so the way we cooperate with dentists is closer to what users of this generation need. Style, including extensive social media or occasional e-newsletter that keeps a distance.

It is not so much that we are talking about transactions, but rather that we look forward to becoming friends who can support each other with more dentists of this generation.

Better Than Ever

Starting your next treatment? Try our flagship implants.

A Better Dental Implant Option to NextGen Dentists

What the next generation of dentists should look like to get along with patients is the outline we are trying to depict. In addition to Taiwan and Mainland China, we hope to become new friends with you in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe in this borderless age, and make the crystallization of our wisdom the strongest backing for you to face different challenges through products and services.

Immediately contact sales@tplus.com.tw as our overseas representatives. We are joyful to provide you with more information about international business opportunities and global dentists.

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