The Future is Promising for Prosthodontists Who Are Clinic Owners Through 2028

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As a routine, many market research and forecasting papers are released by the end of every year. Indeed, they may not be coming to the same conclusions on the market developments on account of various data being used and the differentiated algorithms but they can be valuable when you look at the opportunities mentioned within these articles. We think it’d be a good idea to look at the trends predicted to happen in the dentistry industry by the start of the year 2023.

Trends to Keep in Mind That Are Most Predicted

We’ve talked about the three trends that are worth observing happening within the dentistry industry until 2026. In fact, there’s a lot more to mark down but we just saved them for this article as a gift of the new year to you.

Better Than Ever

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You may find them interesting with the trends listed in the following list which you’d pay attention to this year. Enjoy it:

  1. Tapered implants held the market’s leading position and had a share of more than 65% in 2021 because of their biocompatibility and the trend will remain.
  2. Titanium implants will still be the most popular material to go with.
  3. Asia-Pacific will still be the fastest-growing opportunistic regional market while North America dominates the global dental implants market.
  4. The key players are Institut Straumann AG, Bicon, LLC., BioHorizons IPH, Inc., Osstem Implant and Nobel Biocare Services AG., approximately are as the same as the list in another post ‘Five Most Trusted World-Class Dental Implant Companies‘.
  5. Dental clinics will account for the largest market share through 2028 and hospitals will not stop chasing the growth.

It’s worth mentioning that T-PLUS is a member of the Straumann Group which means our products have to meet the standards and criteria of the group. Make your inquiry now to enhance your picks on dental implants at affordable prices with better services for your coming cases.

Dental Clinic Owners Dominate While The Need For Implant-Supported Treatments Proliferates

You probably won’t be surprised by the fifth point mentioned above. However, have you ever wondered about the reason(s)? We are going to reveal that so you can understand the advantages of being a dental clinic owner instead of an associate.

Dental clinics do not become the first priority of choice for edentulous patients to restore their missing teeth for no reason:

  • An increased preference for dental clinics among the population for the treatment of oral issues.
  • The availability of specialised equipment and skilled experienced dentists in the clinics is rapidly growing.
  • The adoption of the latest digital technologies.
  • The convenience and the financial affordability.

Nevertheless, hospitals are still not dropping off because of the rising road accident numbers and the rise of multi-speciality hospitals. Even so, dental clinics still dominate the dental implant market share.

The Best Is Yet To Come

No matter how attractive the market scale could be, you will not be benefited from wrong picks on dental implants. It’s worth addressing your target patients’ conditions and finding the best-match choice in the market.

As a certified partner of the Straumann Group, T-PLUS invested considerable resources to work with dentists and relevant specialists to develop dental implant systems and surgical kits for all users since its establishment in 2008 at valuable prices.

When it comes to business thinking, you’d always make choices between the sales and the sales cost to meet the goal. Our products will be the perfect choice for your patients if you are planning to dominate prosthodontics marketing regionally and nationally. We are glad to be one of the major factors to build your credibility for better treatment outcomes. Don’t hesitate to inquire now and we’ll get back to you soon.

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