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We live in a fast-changing world. Same as the evolution of prosthodontics. Graduating from a dental school is exciting but it’s only the start of your career. It takes practice and learning to make a great prosthodontist. Besides the massive amount of treatments, joining an institute that feeds you important updates with the appliances and sciences-approved skills can be a shortcut to achieving your goals.

If you’re looking for a path to succeeding in your dentist career, you’ll be happy for these walkthroughs:

  1. What is an institute?
  2. Benefits of joining an institute
  3. TIEI is always welcoming
  4. Opportunities don’t happen

What is an institute?

An institute is an educational organisation which has been accredited and has the primary purpose of teaching its enrolled members. There are plenty of institutes established for certain needs of learning in different professional fields.

Benefits of joining an institute

We always need benefits to motivate ourselves to make efforts continuously. Here, T-PLUS has listed some of the benefits of joining an institute as a prosthodontist or general dentist, which may lay a clear picture for you of the reason(s) to join one as soon as possible.

Continuous Education

Almost all institutes provide kinds of programs/courses to their members. There might be various eco-systems dividing members into different groups based on members’ involvement. All institute members can benefit from this educational information to keep their own skills on track and up-to-date to create greater results with professional knowledge.

Awards and Recognition

Institutes could set several awards that are open to their own members. The main idea here is to create a stage for their members to keep evolving to make better outcomes with the support from institutes.

With these awards, members can have a better awareness and recognition within their professional fields.

Better Than Ever

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Connection and Advocacy

We’ve talked about the importance of reputation to a dentist in the modern dental industry in ‘How-to Guide to Increasing Social Engagement For Dentists‘ and also ‘Make of A Great Engaging Dental Website: 8 Key Factors & 6 Qualities to Keep in Mind‘. With an active institute, you’ll gain the power to raise your advocacy to the next level by being active among the member circle and thriving with the institute.

Informational Resources

Education is good but the world changes so fast that we need to get more general so we can dedicate ourselves to our profession and make greater outcomes. Industrial news and changes can be ignored accidentally when you pay attention to professional voices too much and this is where institutes come in by providing their members important organised notes so you won’t miss a beat on how the world is changing.

TIEI is always welcoming

TIEI (Tplus International Education & Clinical Research Institute) will be a great choice to join if you agree on how you can benefit from being a member of the institute. Its amazing lecture sources and full-functional structure will surprise you. No mention of how it connects prosthodontists in Asia. It is a perfect fit if you are located in Asia, or looking forward to building a presence in the Asian dental industry.

Benefit yourself by joining TIEI

As mentioned before, a qualified institute can be very comprehensive when it comes to being a prosthodontist. TIEI was established by T-PLUS 2016, a well-known dental implant manufacturer in Asia and a certified partner of Straumann, to provide resources that every prosthodontist desires.

Here are some must-know benefits that will drive you to enrol if you’re a member of TIEI:

  1. Leveled science-based educational resources
  2. Useful informational industry updates
  3. Becoming a signature lecturer in TIEI
  4. Reputation and brand awareness growth
  5. Opportunity to connect the active Asia-based community
TIEI, a perfect choice to learn and connect as a prosthodontist

One thing that is worth mentioning is that there might be opportunities to cultivate customisable implants based on scientific proofs that are shared with T-PLUS. As you may know, it’s very resource-consuming to research and develop dental implant systems. With collaboration and connection, the window is there for both sides of dentists and the brand.

Opportunities don’t happen

It’s true, and opportunities are meant to be created. Since you’ve chosen to be a dentist at the present or become one, it’s always a good idea to get everything under control and well-managed. Joining a qualified institute can be such an important choice that makes your career great and rich.

TIEI is always welcoming new members to enrol and change the way dentistry works. If you’re looking for one to join, the opportunity is here for you. Click here to fill out the form and we’ll be in touch with you soon and create greater results.

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