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Starting a new dental practice and adding dental implant-supported treatment to the existing one is quite different but they both need to go through similar processes and stand for a better profitable business opportunity. The proliferating trend of dental implant use in restorative dentistry has kept growing stronger than the projected trends from 2000-2016. With these correct assessments and strategies in this post, the huge business opportunity of prosthodontics could be stably landing in hand:

  1. Who Fits The Right Background Becoming a Successful Implantologist?
  2. When Is The Right Point to Start or Turn?
  3. What Steps Should Be Taken While Adding Dental Implants to Your Practice?

Who Fits The Right Background Becoming a Successful Implantologist?

Let’s make it a simpler way to ask: who can do implant surgery? There are 2 scenarios which can be easily told if you are the right candidate to do implant surgeries:

  1. If you are a general dentist who performs simple surgeries, impacted molars and other minor procedures for instance, then you are the right candidate to do implant surgery.
  2. If you or your practice involve endodontics mostly, that’s a natural sign telling you to turn yourself into an implantologist or collaborate with some specialists with the skills.

When Is The Right Point to Start Or Turn?

Both establishing a new dental implant clinic and adding dental implant treatments for edentulous patients is a big step and should not be undertaken lightly. Whether you find any of these signs in your own career life, it means it’s time to take it to the next level:

  1. finding self needs a bigger space to grow with your knowledge and skills,
  2. you feel like improving the patient care of you or your practice,
  3. you’re interested in adding value to yourself with more profits.

As the quotes mentioned in ‘Massive Need For Dental Implant is Thriving & Get Ready With These Reminds From Your Peers‘, the signs stated above mean that you:

Thriving Future For Prepared Dentists
  • are ready to be an entrepreneur,
  • find your opportunity,
  • are willing to change patients’ daily life with better options.

When the time comes, you’ll feel it.

What Steps Should Be Taken While Adding Dental Implants to Your Practice?

Before moving forward, you’d take time to do considerations. There are many factors to go through, including personnel, financial and marketing considerations that can affect you in the coming years.

  1. Review and assess the current skillset.
  2. Attending short dental implant surgery hands-on courses to fulfil both knowledge and skills.
  3. Explore available anaesthetic options.
  4. Have conversations about dental implant surgery with the preferred specialists (skip this if you’ll be the only one responsible for surgeries).
  5. Filter dental implant options and choose among them which serves the needs for the needs of many patients. Do not forget about evaluating the quality of products, services, and the value-added brand effect. For example, T-PLUS is one of the Straumann Group certified partners and this could be your advantage while marketing your service and communicating with patients.
  6. To purchase the equipment and instruments which are required to perform surgeries. Talk to the dental implant manufacturers and get a full picture of the quotations.
  7. Set a small measurable goal for the start-off year, 5-10 cases for instance.
  8. Start with easier surgeries with the current patients who want to extract their tooth/teeth with ideal oral health status.
  9. Talk to the collaborative specialist (if there is one), and review and evaluate the surgery performance and financial goals at the end of the year.

Better Than Ever

Starting your next treatment? Try our flagship implants.

Step 4 is an optional choice. Whether you decide to do all the surgeries on your own or collaborate with other specialists, there are pros and cons with them for you to decide.

We keep the steps mentioned above minimal to give you a general idea of what the process should be. They can still be broken down into various detailed process steps if needed.


As mentioned by Dental Products Report, an NIH (National Institutes of Health) study published in 2000, the prevalence of dental implants was estimated to be around 0.7%. However, the truth is that NIH found the number has risen rapidly to 5.7% in 2016. The use of dental implants as the mainstream of restorative dentistry has been an ongoing trend undoubtedly.

The business opportunity is coming and you’ll be relevant if you are well prepared for it. T-PLUS has been on the path to cooperating with dentists who care about their patients for nearly two decades. Please feel free to learn more about us and don’t hesitate to reach out to us now for initiating your journey of becoming a successful implantologist with trustworthy dental implant systems and supportive services.

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