Prosthetic Considerations on Dental Implant-Supported Edentulous Treatment Planning

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As a prosthodontist, you probably have well experienced what prosthetic considerations should be included before making a dental implant-supported treatment plan. So why should we still invest time in writing this topic? The reason is simple: the basic matters.

It’s always a good idea to learn new things by reviewing what you’ve already known for a long time. We’ll break the procedure into a list of prosthetic considerations so you may be able to check with your standard working process.

Make The Treatment Plan With Your Patient

The goal of modern dentistry is to give the right to live a quality life back to the patients. This could mean that an ecosystem in normal contour and functional with esthetics within the patients’ oral cavities will be built by you. Undoubtedly, it is an important decision for edentulous patients and prosthodontists.

We all know that good treatment is based on a series of processes: patient evaluation, dentist expertise, awareness of the indications and contraindications, and prediction of the patient’s response. Generally speaks, these considerations could be categorized into aspects in the following table:

Factors on Patient’s Edge Factors on Dentist’s Edge
Patient preferences Knowledge & expertise
Motivation Experience and training
Systemic health Laboratory support
Emotional status Dentist-patient compatibility
Financial capabilities Availability of specialists
Functional, esthetic, and technical demands

As you can see above, the two-sided factors are differentiated from the other and this is what makes an initial consultation with a patient from a dentist before a treatment plan is made crucial. Through communication, you can collect the essential information as much and correctly as possible to meet the patient’s expectations.

In other words, the plan should be made by the patient and the dentist together, and the responsibility is in hands of both sides.

Considerations to Go Through Before The Dental Implant Treatment Plan is Made

First of all, treatment planning is sequential. None of the considerations should be skipped/ignored because the psychological aspects can be very dynamic. Here is a brief list which provides a standard process of steps and an opportunity to evolve your procedure of treatment plan making.

Treatment planning is sequential

Please bear in mind that the treatment plan making should involve the entire implant team to make it comprehensively complete and factors well managed, such as surgeon (if separate), prosthodontist, hygienist, laboratory technician (if needed), and other specialists.

  1. Patient selection: age, diet, drugs, systemic disease, oral disease, etc.
  2. Radiographic assessment: diagnostic imaging that provides accurate diagnostic information.
  3. Diagnostic: enable prosthodontic factors to be evaluated in the absence of the patient.
  4. Available prosthetic options: available range of treatment options, including the position, number of implants and the final prosthesis design.
  5. Force factors: bone volume, bone density, anterior and posterior region and etc.
  6. Additional Conditions: such as fixed full-arch restorations and maxillomandibular arch relationship
  7. Number of missing teeth: the number of implants being used, bridge, maxillary arch and etc.

Selecting & Implanting Best-Match Prosthesis Is a Responsibility

Treatment planning has its basis to go through and is worth investing time in modern prosthodontists. The key point to making dental implant-supported treatment with better outcomes and higher survival rates is the consultation and communication between dentist and patient before the plan is made.

Better Than Ever

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