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Dental SEO is a crucial technique in dental marketing field whether you are running your own clinic or not. It isn’t a very popular topic when dentists get together, however, it’s definitely relevant as smile makeovers and all-on-4 or all-on-6 cases. When your dental SEO is well taken care of, you’ll be amazed at how much more bandwidth you can have in your patients and staff.

Please do take away the following senses once you finish reading this article:

What is SEO?

To start off, let’s define it. SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation‘. You may consider it as the result of how you and your brand perform on search engines and the process of optimising your website, activities on social media and online reputation.

It involves search engines, forums and social networks nowadays when it could only mean the result of the performance with results on search engines before. It ranks you with the keywords that internet users search on these platforms. Searching never dies, doesn’t it?

Vocabularies in SEO

As prosthodontics, SEO cultivates its own dictionary. You don’t need to memorise them as necessary but should understand what they stand for and their meanings so you can get the picture when you have an inspection or review on the statistics of SEO.

What is dental SEO?
  • Algorithm: A very detailed ever-evolving set of rules that search engines and social networks take to validate how optimised your on-site and off-site content is and how their users interact with them.
  • SERP: It is short for ‘Search Engine Results Page’. It stands for the pages that display the results indexed that matches to user’s searches. They majorly focus on matching websites and the specific queries being used by users.
  • Organic Listings: The factors that search engines and social networks take to examine how well the website or content meet the algorithms, such as linking between reputable website, social media presence, the quality of overall content on-site, originality and advertising presence. These factors are reputation metrics considered as the satisfaction of organic reaches.
  • Local Listings: With SERPs of Google, users get 4-10 results of the closest local business (clinics and hospitals in dental cases) which are best ranked.
  • Impressions: It stands for the number of users who see a page or ad. It could be observed on a deeper level with the metrics of users, unique users and returned users. And yes, it’s relevant to ‘acquisition’, the term in Google Analytics.
  • Bounce Rate: The percentage of users who click on your website and immediately click on the ‘back to the last page’ button within the browser. This also indicates the percentage of users who don’t entre your website. This interaction tells search engines that your website doesn’t meet the expectations of their search. This hurts your ranking when this metric is high.
  • Robots / Spiders: Programs which are used to crawl on webpages to index content on-page and hyperlinks. The copies of webpages may be made for quicker displays by these programs and restored in search engines.
  • White Hat & Black Hat: Techniques being used by SEO experts to optimise a specific website’s ranking. The ‘white hat’ can be considered as the way how players comply with the guidelines from search engines, and the ‘black hat’ can be thought of as the way to gain higher rankings in a short term with the pure pursuit of cheating algorithms with certain settings without considering user’s experience. The black hat technique can work somehow, but it can cause serious consequences when search engines find out.

Benefits of SEO to a Dentist

The benefits of SEO are obvious: to be found easily before anyone else does and create impressions to prospect patients or the people you’d like to interact for the future. Here is a general list of the benefits of dental SEO:

  • Visibility and branding
  • Reinforcing Credibility with patients
  • Memorable user experience
  • Higher ROI

When you appear with a higher ranking whether, on search engines or social media platforms, you have a better shot to increase your own competitiveness. You’re not the ONLY one who thinks about dental SEO after all.

Cons of Dental SEO

Everything has its pros and cons and so does SEO. Since we’ve gone through the benefits, time for us to talk about the cons.

Time and effort are required

Being a stand-out in SEO outcomes consumes time and effort. This could be challenging for smaller businesses with limited resources.

Results constantly change

The rules and policies of SEO games change all the time, which means remaining in a good ranking position will cost business owners to continuously invest. This may cause frustrations among business owners who do not have marketing strategies and those who cannot analyse the statistics from the traffic correctly.

Must play with other tactics

This is the biggest challenge but also an opportunity. You’d always remember that SEO is not the sole tactic to complete the puzzle. SEO can generate positive effects only when there are solid marketing strategies with goals on different phases and the big picture as a compound. It can play solo, but the outcome will never be as good as the movements taken with a full plan. This can craft out the silhouette of the scale of required resources and efforts.

Outsourcing or Do-It-Yourself?

The answer depends on what your goal is and how you see dental SEO. It’d be okay to do it by yourself if you think of SEO as a hobby besides all the professions you cultivate to be an experienced dentist. Conversely, find the right marketing team skilled in the SEO field and talk to them about the expectations you have regarding SEO and marketing goals.

After all, SEO is not a solo player and it needs to work with other methods, so there will be other needs for other marketing expertise and strategy-making skills to practice.

Better Than Ever

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Wrap up

This article isn’t designed to be a tutorial or guidebook that teaches you how to practice SEO for your brand but to give you as a dentist or dental business owner a clear and correct outlook on dental SEO. This tactic should be executed with other methods, content marketing, social marketing and email marketing for instance, to practice the goals for the investments in marketing.

As a dental implant manufacturer, T-PLUS is glad to help any dentist who is willing to be successful with their career and business. It is worth it if you learn or find any information helpful for your dental career. There is a chance that you may want to learn more about engaging dental websites, we’ve got a post for you. Read ‘Make of A Great Engaging Dental Website: 8 Key Factors & 6 Qualities to Keep in Mind‘ now to unlock valuable knowledge.

Don’t hesitate to ask in the following comment area if you have any further questions, or reach out to us at sales@tplus.com.tw, we’ll reply to you as soon as we receive it. Happy SEO.

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