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It’s been over 2 decades since ‘content is king’ was said by Bill Gates in 1996. The quote stood and thrived rapidly as content marketing valued as the most valuable marketing strategy since then. Today, we’re gonna go through why and how dentists implement content marketing into the existing dental marketing strategies.

Within this amazing article, we’ll walk you through some must-have knowledge on content marketing for dentistry:

Get to Know Content Marketing

First thing first. Let’s define it correctly before we get into a deeper layer.

Marketing content is not as equal to content marketing.

Content marketing isn’t about just what content you publish but the whole process of marketing, from making a content strategy to how conversions are triggered, from how your brand stands in front of the audience to how you turn clients into your word-of-mouth marketers.

Just as another quote by Seth Godin, as known as the former vice president of direct marketing, author, and speaker of new marketing:

Content marketing is all the marketing that’s left.

Definition of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a form of marketing strategy which focuses on creating, publishing, and distributing content for targeted audiences online. The vocabulary ‘content marketing’ isn’t the main object, but ‘targeted audiences’ is. They’re the foundation of this strategy.

The formats of the content which is produced with content marketing are various. They aren’t limited to the formats but the creativity of the brand.

Advantages of Dentists Using Content Marketing

Content marketing enables dentists to find more clients by circulating excellent, high-quality content. Good content generates quality leads. In other words, it helps dentists use efforts efficiently.

As a dentist, you can be benefited from content marketing with at least these advantages:

  1. Improves visibility
  2. Reach the right audience group
  3. Build a strong online reputation and relation
  4. Offers value to patients to create a connection between
  5. Boosts other marketing strategies

Making A Dental Content Marketing Strategy

The following process is how dentists can make content marketing strategies that fit your goal(s):

  1. Identify the marketing goals of the practice
  2. Understand your existing and potential patients
  3. Determine the expandable budget for content marketing to practice the goals
  4. Identify the current sources of your patients
  5. Learn what procedures bring you the most patients
  6. Analyse the statistics from the current marketing
  7. Determine how you track and analyse your marketing plan’s effectiveness
  8. Monitor, review and analyse the statistics and optimise constantly

The process may vary from different marketing skills, but it is mostly as stated above.

Let’s face the fact:

Achievement is effort-required.

It needs you to invest to achieve the goals. If you cannot reveal the mask on the prospect’s profilings and the budget, none of your marketing strategies or actions will work.

Ideas For Dental Content Marketing At Different Tiers

Assuming you are familiar with the marketing funnel, you must have learned that different stages may require different content to make the audience take action. We’ll go through some formats of content for these tiers.

Dental Content Marketing Funnel


  • Office tour
  • Introduction of team members
  • Daily activities at your practice
  • Rewards
  • Challenges, contests and raffles


  • FAQs, such as dental implant-supported treatments
  • Checklists
  • Tutorials
  • Patients’ reviews
  • Social media chatbots with fun content implemented


  • Dental library
  • Case studies
  • Treatment outcomes


  • Regional oral health report
  • Full customised messages via SMS / instant messenger
  • Seasonal emails / postcards

Wrapping Up

Content marketing is mainly built with constant analytics, optimisations and creativity. It’s the strategy that can be integrated with the existing marketing strategies and channels but it requires your continuous investment, ie. time and human resources before it turns your marketing result into a beautiful truth.

With clear determinations of goals and efforts, you’ll be fascinated by the decision you make for yourself.

If you have more to discuss on dental marketing, feel free to leave a comment down below or write to us at sales@tplus.com.tw to start a private dialogue. As long as it’s good for you, T-PLUS is glad to help and answer / discuss.

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