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We’ve talked about the benefits of using content marketing in dentistry and how to implement it to market your dental practice better in our last post ‘Dental Content Marketing ABC: Why and How to Implement‘. However, things have pros and cons. We are going to look at how to efficiently combine account-based marketing with content marketing to increase your ROI (return on investment).

You’ll learn the following points with this content:

  1. Account-based marketing explained
  2. Account-based marketing and content marketing compared
  3. Motivation to merge account-based marketing and content marketing
  4. Signs telling you to merge them together

Know Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing (‘ABM’ in abbreviation) isn’t something new to the history of marketing. It’s been used widely in the B2B industry. When you combine ABM with content marketing, they can provide all the strengths needed at different phases of your patient’s journey.

Better Than Ever

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Account-Based Marketing is normally a tactic of marketing campaigns that communicate with specific high-value accounts as opposed to the broader market. ABM is highly focused on the pain points and needs of the target accounts.

This is the main reason why ABM is extensively applied in the B2B industry. However, with correct implementation, you can also apply ABM to your dental content marketing strategy.


Your dental practice can be benefitted when ABM is applied in your patient/customer journey:

  1. Improvement of the patient acquisition process
  2. Better patient care experience
  3. Faster conversion cycles
  4. Sales-marketing effort synchronisation
  5. Better data-driven decisions

Account-Based Marketing & Content Marketing Compared

The ‘Which one is better between content marketing and account-based marketing?‘ question is being brought up a lot. In fact, they don’t conflict, although there are opposes between these two strategies. You may learn the differences between them and the connection you can use.

Content Marketing Account-Based Marketing
Pros Low effort with high feedback, credibility & substantial content Better quality leads, stronger connection with patient-faced personnel & targeted effort
Cons Precise leads & miss of synchronisation with other personnel Higher risk with no pan out, possible opportunities & have to be 100% precise on point with TA
Patient Experience General Customised
Patient Cycles Long Short
Communication Large Group Niche Group
Budget Scale Middle High
Involved Personnel Marketing Marketing & Patient-Faced

Let’s put them in another way to explain: car tuning. When it comes to squeese most of the horse powers of the engine in a shorter time, we might think about installing a charger to it to meet our thirst for speed. Will you say the function of turbochargers is totally different from superchargers?

They both are the parts that car tuners love to use. They might be different but they exist for the same need. This comparison is just like comparing content marketing and ABM.

Reason to Combine Account-Based Marketing With Content Marketing

As you can see from the table above, the patient cycle is high with content marketing which may become a source of your anxiety. When it takes longer to convert a lead to a patient ready to book an appointment in physical, it becomes a burden. Here is why you should implement ABM with content marketing at the right time to accelerate the cycle.

You can cross-apply these two powerful strategies at different phases from building your credibility to entrusting her/his oral health to you in action.

Cross-apply these two powerful strategies at different phases for your dental clinic
  • Awareness – content marketing
  • Evaluation – content marketing + ABM
  • Conversion – ABM
  • Retention – content marketing + ABM

There are examples of content marketing in practice for dental clinics in ‘Dental Content Marketing ABC: Why and How to Implement‘. Many of them can make a difference when ABM is in.

For example, we’ve listed ‘tutorials’ as one example for the evaluation phase. Tutorials can be well designed with the specific prospect’s name and medical background so the tutorial can perfectly fit the prospect. You have to fully engage with the prospect during the awareness stage with the content you generate with a content marketing basis to gain the trust and leave the information for you.

This is exactly why we list the disadvantage ‘have to be 100% precise on point with TA’ for ABM in the table above. If you cannot initiate your content marketing right with the right strategy and budget, you’d never get that detailed information for the next phase.

Reminding you that content marketing is all about three constant actions:

  • Analytics
  • Optimisations
  • Creativity

Get Ready to Merge When You See These Signs

There are some signs you may see as the ‘time to implement ABM with content marketing‘ indicator as follows:

  1. The goal for MQL (short for Marketing-Qualified Leads) has been met but the goal for booking keeps failing.
  2. Patients who book appointments are not aligned with your content.
  3. Walked-in patients never materialise.
  4. Prospects are slipping when transferring from marketing to patient-faced personnel, ie. the assistant who’s in charge of promoting at the office (of course, you may also need to review the patient reception SOP).


Yes, it is true that both content marketing and account-based content marketing require quite an effort but the leads and patients who take conversion generated by these 2 strategies are qualified. Your time can be saved and build a stronger online reputation.

You may see account-based content marketing as the advanced appliance of content marketing but it’s worth it for sure if you are looking for big success in your dental practice.

As a dentist’s strategic partner, T-PLUS is happy to help more. Leave a comment below or email us at sales@tplus.com.tw for any further discussion of applying account-based content marketing to your dental business and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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