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About GCR Score

The GCR Score is used as a baseline for scoring dental clinics on the official website of Global Clinic Rating:

  • Professional
  • Equipment
  • Service
  • Feedback

They also stated that this is the most challenging portion of analyzing the specialization, thus they created a list of 100 contents that will be employed in this aspect, of which 9 are provided below for reference:

Global Clinic Rating

  1. How long has the clinic been serving the public at its current location?
  2. The level and number of certifications, accreditations, and awards that the clinic has gained.
  3. A number of years of postgraduate practical experience of each doctor.
  4. The number of languages spoken fluently by the clinic team.
  5. The level and number of degrees, certifications, accreditations, and awards for each doctor.
  6. The number of medical specialists available.
  7. Whether the specialists are available to work full-time or part-time for the clinic.
  8. The guarantee they give behind the medical treatments that these experts perform.
  9. The success rates of the treatment at the particular clinic.

Rather than diving into how the agency scores, this article focuses on which places perform better on the GCR. Those who are interested to learn more about the GCR Score on the GCR Score page.

The Countries Scoped

This article will focus on Southeast Asian nations, however, because different individuals will define Southeast Asia differently, below is a list of Southeast Asian countries we consider to be a reference:

  1. Brunei
  2. Cambodia
  3. East Timor
  4. Indonesia
  5. Laos
  6. Malaysia
  7. Myanmar
  8. Philippines
  9. Singapore
  10. Thailand
  11. Vietnam

Better Than Ever

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Four Best Destinations For Dental Implant Tourism in Southeast Asia

We may learn more about which Southeast Asian nations and dental clinics are more welcoming to international tourists by searching for GCR. Users can intuitively sort out the most suitable option in Southeast Asia due to the database’s open and accessible data.

In order to make the data easier to understand, we selected 11 Southeast Asian countries as the observation object and used the data from the first 15 dental institutions to enter the GCR as the observation index. Due to some hospitals in the sampling database do not offer the yearly average planting volume, these hospitals will be removed from the sorting process.

Rank Name Score Annual Implants Success% Country
1 Tooth & Go Dental Clinic 4.5 104 97% Philippines
2 Tooth & Go Dental Clinic 4.5 1,212 97% Philippines
3 Imperial Dental Specialist Centre 4.5 2,000 97% Malaysia
4 Bangkok International Dental Center 4.5 890 97% Thailand
5 KIM Dental 4.5 1,482 97% Vietnam
6 BFC Dental 4.5 4,606 97% Thailand
7 Rose Dental Clinic 4.5 1,576 97% Vietnam
8 Nhan Tam Dental Clinic 4.5 1,740 97% Vietnam
9 I-Dent Dental Implant Center 4.0 7,000 97% Vietnam
10 Siamdent Dental Clinic 4.0 200 97% Thailand
11 Sacred Heart Dental Clinic 4.0 106 N/A Philippines
12 The Ivory Dental Clinic 4.0 1,000 97% Thailand
13 Smile & Co. Dental Clinic 4.0 400 97% Thailand
14 CAM TU Dental Clinic 4.0 80 97% Vietnam
15 Dr.Bao Dental Clinic 3.5 450 97% Vietnam

Malaysia Wins The Game by Having Most of The Clinics

We can see from the statistics that Malaysia is top in the list of 15 clinics, but the Philippines is actually just one clinic:

Malaysia Wins The Game by Having Most of The Clinics

  1. Malaysia 6(40.00%)
  2. Philippines 5(33.33%)
  3. Thailand 3(20.00%)
  4. Vietnam 1(6.67%)

Vietnam Plants More Dental Implants Than Others

If we take the annual planting volume as an observation indicator, we will find that the ranking has changed:

  1. Vietnam 12,328(53.96%)
  2. Thailand 7,096(31.06%)
  3. Malaysia 7,096(31.06%)
  4. Philippines 1,422(6.22%)

Digital Channels Matter Nowadays

We discovered an interesting discovery while compiling the data. Today, with the advancement of digital media, a dental hospital’s capacity to master digital almost has an impact on its online traffic:

Digital Channels Matter Nowadays

Those who have earned international recognition have official websites and social media.

This outcome should serve as a reminder of how to become a dentist in the first place. Must-Dos for dentists who want a bigger voice and a sense of public awareness in dental implant treatment via formal online channels such as social platforms and websites. In 2021, dental clinics will be unable to avoid using third-party platforms like GCR to deliberately increase the volume of online voices for themselves.

Modern Dentists Must Catch Up The Digital Trend

Many dental institutes in Southeast Asia with high average scores failed to include this observation because they did not submit the average annual number of artificial roots, according to the GCR database sampling. If we are one of the possible patients, it is understandable that those with high scores but no public data will automatically lose out when we conduct an online search.

Let’s take a brief look at some key lessons before you leave:

  1. Dental clinics that pay more attention to digital media platforms for having a better chance of attracting international tourists seeking missing tooth repair.
  2. Under current technological and medical states, the success rate of modern dental implants is at least 97 percent.
  3. Taking an active role in digital public relations might assist home institutions to improve their brand awareness.

If you are the managing director of a dental clinic/hospital, we are welcome to contact us to learn more about expanding your business potential for artificial dental implant tourism and high-quality T-PLUS implants for international tourists at a lower cost.

In addition to this look at dental institute statistics in Southeast Asia, we have written another paper called “Eastern Europe,” which anyone is interested to read.

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