3 Trends to Keep in Mind in Dentistry Industry Through 2026

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To all respectful implantologists, the big era for you is coming. In GMI’s prediction, the demand for dental implants will grow exponentially globally on account of people’s unhealthy habits and the technological advancements and progress upgrades in the dentistry space. Approximately, the dental implants market is estimated to experience a 5% CAGR through 2026.

The causes of rising demand for dental implants

The industry growth motivation comes from 2 aspects – the evolvement of the dentistry industry and people’s dental disorders.

As per WHO describes, untreated dental caries is still the most common health condition in 2022. As a result, the prevalence of dental cases might steer the need for affordable dental implants.

Besides, technical advancements, progressive upgrades and the latest minimally invasive dental procedures are steering the demand for dental implants rising. This status matches how Michael Wied describes the industry trends from EAO (European Association for Osseointegration) 2022 in his post.

According to the report by Global Market Insights, the dental implants market grossed over USD 4 billion in terms of valuation in 2019 and is estimated to experience a 5% CAGR through 2026.

Trend #1. Growing popularity of dental clinics

The need for new dental clinics is growing on account of the awareness of oral health and the need to spread awareness regarding the benefits of skilled dentists domestically, and the availability of advanced treatment instruments that broaden lower-cost therapy for dental clinics could also increase the revenues for all dental clinics.

Additionally, attributes such as easy access and higher patient preference for clinics over hospitals drive the industry outlook over the predicted timeframe.

Trend #2. Demands from Asia Pacific are proliferating

From that report, Asia Pacific is considered the most lucrative region for dental implant service providers. The insight is the same as the description given in another report from Fortune Business Insights. Better prepare for the coming opportunity in the next few years to gain great revenue on your edentulous treatments with prostheses.

As you know, Asia Pacific also stands of a huge geriatric patient pool and the expectation of the revenue is quite reasonable in this different aspect of facts.

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Trend #3. Evolvements in the industry

Most established dental implant companies are taking growth strategies to keep the market rolling, such as the launching of new products, and enhancing overall business share and consumer base.

Take Straumann for instance, they’ve launched a section educating the digital marketing skills and tips dentists can start using for a better online presence to grow the loyalty of professional users.

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Wrapping up

Whether the report by GMI or the post from Michael Wied mentioned above, the markets in dental implants and service proving are estimated to keep growing in the coming years. You’d always prepare for this if you are interested. Especially for those having their own dental clinics in the Asia Pacific, it’s a big issue to get well prepared from now on.

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