Dental Implant Systems

Eastern technology transfer + Western optimized management = T-PLUS products with guaranteed quality

According to the world trend and market demand, T-PLUS products have launched three dental implant systems, including A PLUS system (cylindrical type), Ti-Star & ST system(conical type).
Under the management of Straumann Group which is the leader in the dental implant industry, we continue to provide suitable solutions for dentists and patients. For A plus, Ti-Star, ST, please refer to the detailed introduction of each product system.


Dental Implant Kits

T-PLUS Implant Surgical Kit Decreasing your surgery time

T-PLUS’ implant drills provide the best quality for your daily implant practice. Every implant system has its own surgery drills.
For stopper drills with four edges are especially for dentist collection patient’s self-bone as bone graft material during surgery. Let’s see our surgical kit and drills portfolio.